Shaping The Sky

Shaping The Sky

She heard about Shape the Sky through her school and attended a training session. With a little encouragement from Shape the Sky, Kari Ann decided to write a pledge to help kids learn how to take control of their time and better manage the way they portray .

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The Shape the Sky presentation was an important way for our staff to raise their awareness about profound issues affecting our students. Ryan Klingensmith's presentation style blended research-based content with relevant anecdotes in a way that made the information accessible for all.

The Shaping Your Wisdom video training series was developed to guide the adult viewer through the world of youth, technology, social media, and mental series was based upon full-day trainings provided by Shape The Sky for parents and professionals. The trainings are designed to be educational and easy to understand and view.

Shaping Your Wisdom: Services. Shape the Sky has developed a series of supplemental training videos, virtual trainings, services, and curriculum to help you Create Responsible Kids on Smartphones/Devices. These resources will expand on the knowledge .

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