Shes Really Something Else

Shes Really Something Else

She's really something else. Pictures. Close. Posted by 2 months ago. She's really something else. Pictures. 1/3. 50 comments. share. save. hide. report. lmao she’s something else lmao honey you have severe anorexia and you pretend like everything is okay and make obvious pro ana captions like make it more obvious we all know you.

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 · Translation: I’ll be ready when I’m ready. Could be 10 minutes, could be an hour. Find something else to do. 6. “You don’t have to, but ” Translation: If you don’t you’re going to be single very soon. 7. “We need to talk.” Translation: I need to talk. You need to .

 · I’ve heard some good piano players, but she’s something else.(上手なピアノを何回も聞いてるけど、彼女は素晴らしいわ。) I’ve experienced some bad traffic, but this is something else.(ひどい渋滞を何度も経験しているけど、今日は一番最悪だ。.

1. a certain undetermined or unspecified thing: Something is wrong there. Tell me something. 2. (used esp. in combination to indicate an additional amount, as of years or cents, that is unknown, unspecified, or forgotten): She's twenty-something. He charged me ten something for the hat.

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